Late to the Party

by Sloane Peterson

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Sloane Peterson's debut EP


released May 5, 2017

All songs written by Sloane Peterson:
Zachary Turner -- Lyrics, Guitar, Vocals
Theodore Molina -- Bass
Carina Rosenbach -- Guitar, Vocals
Isaac Jacobs -- Drums

Recorded and engineered at Red Feather Studios by Miles McLeod and Isaac's Room in the Butts by Isaac

Mixed and mastered by Isaac Jacobs



all rights reserved


Sloane Peterson Middletown, Connecticut

we have music for you. is good. try it.

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Track Name: Bourgeois
she said my mind is filled with dreck
cuz i dont read slavoj zizek
and that its such a shame
that i should waste
such a pretty face
on such bad taste
and you shouldve seen
just how pissed
she got when i said
im not a stalinist
she said who do you think
took down the axis
plus killing all them kulaks
was some good ass praxis

ive got a funny feeling
this is one heart i wont be stealing

im just trying to get down to seduction
not to seize the means of production
she said as far as first dates go
not like youd know
this aint half as good as
march 8 1917

now that my politics can be dismissed
what about my taste in postmodernists
and i could've sworn she started flinchin
when i said delillo sucks compared to thomas pynchon
she said the transcendentalists should be on my shelf
like they didnt just go camping with excess wealth
trade your melville for thoreau like you know you ought to
to which i replied i would prefer not to

im just trying to get you out of your clothes
not to get lectured on michel foucalt
she said this rendezvous
between me and you
dont compare to dead white poets
and harold bloom

are you really sure i ask
oppression boils down to class
im starting to get bored you see
with your failed poet philosophy

this has turned into a chore
i grit my teeth, as long as i just sit
at some point shell have to quit
the time comes for the check to be split
when she leaves she asks would i come with
(whatd she say?)
i can always find someone thats not you
(and then?)
but after all that i just taught you
(what else?)
i really think you ought to
to which i replied i would prefer not to

also fuck you for not liking the smiths.
Track Name: Moon
i couldve sworn your eyes were burning like a pagan city
laying on the roof in my high school hoodie
you said that lunar light was the only light that's holy
cuz holy things are always stolen

so hold me tighter as the gyre loosens
cuz in its arc the sun carries our ruin
unearth the extant words you've been chewing
cuz pretty things are always broken

hey, don't change your name
dont you dare to douse that flame
im privileged to know the person you were ten years ago

when the sun nudged me awake in the morning
he left a sweatshirt hanging loose on the door hinge
i held the memories but couldn't restore them
cuz some things just can't be stolen

so you're scared but is it really founded
cuz Sunday morning's bite has never felt this rounded
you will never know how your first words sounded
so don't dare say them aloud

hey, don't say that name
dont forget to douse that flame
i only wish I met you ten years ago

and when you leave for the night
be a dear and hit the lights
i only wish I met you ten years ago.
Track Name: Molly Ringwald
i knelt there pious and pathetic
and i prayed to my lord john hughes
and like any good savior ascetic
he came and he took away my blues

and through some magic or weird science
whatever it is called
he granted my one wish
just because i had the gall to ask
and so from that day hence
until the day my name gets called
every girl to cross my path
will be just like molly ringwald

it started on the couch
where you bled me out
giving mouth to mouth
i looked up at the tv and that's where i finally saw my way out

i walked down the street to the bus stop
and instead of a curmudgeonly traffic cop
i saw a pretty girl with a cherry mop atop her head
and a pretty smile that made my heart stop and hop and drop like lead

she said i don't know who you are
and i don't know what you're called
but i can see myself with you
until the day that you go bald
ill be pretty in pink
and youll be handsome dark and tall
another picture perfect leading man
for molly ringwald

you left me home alone
in your parents home
waiting by the phone
for the day youd call to come and take my head on loan

i want to be content
leaning my heart on a tv screen
and i want the words to fill my soul
to come from a movie scene
i know just how small real love
can make molly ringwald seem
but real love don't hold a candle
let alone sixteen.
Track Name: Ally Sheedy
it took getting drunk
to ask for your name
after seeing you around
every couple of days

and all my friends that know you
think youre cool and witty
all i know is that i think
when you smile its pretty
could you be interested
in someone so shitty
i hope

i wanna give you my number
on the back of a napkin
but then i realized
that shit dont happen

am i thinking too hard
about something too small
but youve caught me off my guard
for this whole fall
i can play bard but i cant work up the gall
to give myself a chance

ive made a fool of myself enough already

when i see you walkin round
with books of poetry
i get the urge to ask you
to coffee with me

but i dont even like coffee
i prefer tea
thats just what people
say on tv
i just wanna know
what poets you read
cuz i like yeats and keats and sometime percy shelley

but then you will know
im a rambling mess
and thats really only
when im at my best

when you fail to swoon
ill have turned tail and fled
ill go back to my room
and die in my bed
where i will presume
ive long left your head
and ill be consumed
by shit that ive said

ive made a fool of myself enough already
im way past playing it cool
im just trying to keep my heartbeat

was it that uncouth
or uncalculated
to say that its cute
when your hair looks dated
it dont mean a thing
if its permed or braided
you make me feel like
my airs confiscated
i know in my head
you aint trying to tease me
but if you were
youd make it look easy
oh my god
do my eyes deceive me
you look just like
just like ally sheedy.