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she said my mind is filled with dreck
cuz i dont read slavoj zizek
and that its such a shame
that i should waste
such a pretty face
on such bad taste
and you shouldve seen
just how pissed
she got when i said
im not a stalinist
she said who do you think
took down the axis
plus killing all them kulaks
was some good ass praxis

ive got a funny feeling
this is one heart i wont be stealing

im just trying to get down to seduction
not to seize the means of production
she said as far as first dates go
not like youd know
this aint half as good as
march 8 1917

now that my politics can be dismissed
what about my taste in postmodernists
and i could've sworn she started flinchin
when i said delillo sucks compared to thomas pynchon
she said the transcendentalists should be on my shelf
like they didnt just go camping with excess wealth
trade your melville for thoreau like you know you ought to
to which i replied i would prefer not to

im just trying to get you out of your clothes
not to get lectured on michel foucalt
she said this rendezvous
between me and you
dont compare to dead white poets
and harold bloom

are you really sure i ask
oppression boils down to class
im starting to get bored you see
with your failed poet philosophy

this has turned into a chore
i grit my teeth, as long as i just sit
at some point shell have to quit
the time comes for the check to be split
when she leaves she asks would i come with
(whatd she say?)
i can always find someone thats not you
(and then?)
but after all that i just taught you
(what else?)
i really think you ought to
to which i replied i would prefer not to

also fuck you for not liking the smiths.


from Late to the Party, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Sloane Peterson Middletown, Connecticut

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