Molly Ringwald

from by Sloane Peterson

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i knelt there pious and pathetic
and i prayed to my lord john hughes
and like any good savior ascetic
he came and he took away my blues

and through some magic or weird science
whatever it is called
he granted my one wish
just because i had the gall to ask
and so from that day hence
until the day my name gets called
every girl to cross my path
will be just like molly ringwald

it started on the couch
where you bled me out
giving mouth to mouth
i looked up at the tv and that's where i finally saw my way out

i walked down the street to the bus stop
and instead of a curmudgeonly traffic cop
i saw a pretty girl with a cherry mop atop her head
and a pretty smile that made my heart stop and hop and drop like lead

she said i don't know who you are
and i don't know what you're called
but i can see myself with you
until the day that you go bald
ill be pretty in pink
and youll be handsome dark and tall
another picture perfect leading man
for molly ringwald

you left me home alone
in your parents home
waiting by the phone
for the day youd call to come and take my head on loan

i want to be content
leaning my heart on a tv screen
and i want the words to fill my soul
to come from a movie scene
i know just how small real love
can make molly ringwald seem
but real love don't hold a candle
let alone sixteen.


from Late to the Party, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Sloane Peterson Middletown, Connecticut

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