Ally Sheedy

from by Sloane Peterson

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it took getting drunk
to ask for your name
after seeing you around
every couple of days

and all my friends that know you
think youre cool and witty
all i know is that i think
when you smile its pretty
could you be interested
in someone so shitty
i hope

i wanna give you my number
on the back of a napkin
but then i realized
that shit dont happen

am i thinking too hard
about something too small
but youve caught me off my guard
for this whole fall
i can play bard but i cant work up the gall
to give myself a chance

ive made a fool of myself enough already

when i see you walkin round
with books of poetry
i get the urge to ask you
to coffee with me

but i dont even like coffee
i prefer tea
thats just what people
say on tv
i just wanna know
what poets you read
cuz i like yeats and keats and sometime percy shelley

but then you will know
im a rambling mess
and thats really only
when im at my best

when you fail to swoon
ill have turned tail and fled
ill go back to my room
and die in my bed
where i will presume
ive long left your head
and ill be consumed
by shit that ive said

ive made a fool of myself enough already
im way past playing it cool
im just trying to keep my heartbeat

was it that uncouth
or uncalculated
to say that its cute
when your hair looks dated
it dont mean a thing
if its permed or braided
you make me feel like
my airs confiscated
i know in my head
you aint trying to tease me
but if you were
youd make it look easy
oh my god
do my eyes deceive me
you look just like
just like ally sheedy.


from Late to the Party, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Sloane Peterson Middletown, Connecticut

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